Job interviews

Ultimate Guide to Answering the Most Common Interview Questions

Prepare for your job interviews

Spend some time prepare for what hiring managers might ask during your job interview and find out how to show that you’re the right fit for the job you are applying for.

A few classic Questions

1. Tell Me About Yourself.

  • Don’t give your complete employment history.

  • Talk a little bit about your current role, including the scope of this role and your accomplishment

  • Give some background as to how you got there and experience you have that’s relevant to this job

  • Tell them why you want this role and would be perfect for this role.

2. Why Do You Want to Work at Our Company?

  • Do your research and point out how this company really appeals to you
  • Talk about how you’ve followed this company since you first heard of it
  • Talk about this company's opportunities for future growth and how you can contribute to it
  • Share why you are interested, from your research on this company and your interactions with employees so far.

3. What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

  • Talk about something that makes you a great fit for this role.
  • Pick one specific quality that are relevant to this position and illustrate them with examples.

4. What Do You Consider to Be Your Weaknesses?

What your interviewer is really trying to do is to gauge your self-awareness and honesty.

  • Think of something that you struggle with but that you’re working to improve.
  • Give example on how this improvement helped you in your work